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Website creation: HTML, CSS, JS and other necessary technologies

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 HTML, CSS, JS and other necessary technologies

Website creation

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What do you need to know to create a website? Is HTML knowledge sufficient? What other technologies are used in the development? Answers to these questions and a little trick, connected by the simple creation of your own website are waiting for you further.

What the site consists of

Absolutely any site, however simple or complex it may be, can be divided into two halves: technical and user.

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This part is also called back-end, that is what provides the site, but is not visible to the user. The server part consists of files written in different programming languages. Their common function is to work with user data. Also, they can generate dynamic pages of the site.

The simplest example is the online store page, the description, the image and the price of the goods on which are displayed from the database. By the way, the back end also works with the site’s database and in other cases. It stores not only goods, but also various data about users, site settings and much more.

The essence of the “invisible” technical part is to ensure the work of the site. A regular user does not see this and can only observe the results of back-end work.

What you need to know to create a technical part? First of all, it is necessary to be able to program on the most popular programming language among web developers – PHP. Other languages ​​include Python, Ruby, or even C.


The second half of the site, the front end, is also called the client part. To it it is possible to carry absolutely all elements which we see on the screen at site opening, that is with what the user directly interacts. Accordingly, here are the technologies, without which the creation of the site does not do: HTML, CSS and JavaScript (JS). Let us consider them in more detail.


Despite the fact that the Internet is full of questions: “How to create a site on HTML?” – do not think that it is a full-fledged programming language. Not at all. Its main functions are to set the location of all the elements of the page, specify their type (title, paragraph, list) and arrange links for linking the pages of the site.


Change the style and size of the elements and generally make them “beautiful” designed CSS styles. They specify the parameters of each element contained on the page. The user of the site sees the text, headings and other elements of the page exactly as they are prescribed in the CSS table.


To create a relatively simple front end, knowledge of HTML and CSS is enough, but if you look at modern sites, you can see a lot of moving elements: smoothly dropping menus, replacing each other’s images in a photo gallery and more. For their availability and “behavior” is a full-fledged programming language – JavaScript.

These are just the most basic technologies used in web development. In fact, there are a lot of them, and they are very diverse, which creates additional problems for the developers of the client part. They need to thoroughly test it and take into account a lot of small things so that the site does not “go” and looked like it was conceived in any browser on any device.

If you started reading this article in the hope of mastering the creation of a site on HTML, sorry – it’s simply impossible. But we can offer you an excellent alternative, which will create a full-fledged website with a modern design, while not requiring you to know all of the above technologies.

Fastsite: simplicity and ample opportunities

Fastsite is essentially a site builder, but it allows you to create really complex projects, such as online stores and the media.

You can absolutely register a domain for your site and run the prototype in just 1 minute. All you have to do is go to a convenient admin panel and customize the appearance and functionality.

All elements of your site are blocks that change the display of certain elements on the pages (menus, navigation, sliders) or add functionality (forms of data collection, registration, RSS). You only need to place them in the necessary sequence.

Working with sections and pages is as simple as using a standard Windows Explorer. You can create folders (sections) and move materials (pages) to them. You can work with the contents of pages in a visual editor, that is, you do not need to prescribe the styles of all displayed elements.

And one more important advantage: your site will by default have adaptive layout, that is, they will be equally convenient to use both on a computer, or on a tablet or smartphone.

Create and run the site right now!

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