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Technology of website creation

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Technology of website creation

website-creation-technology Technology of website creation Website development    in Bangladesh

To deny that now the site plays one of their most important in the work for each company is at least silly. Despite the rapid rapid development of social networks, in which the corresponding groups and communities of each organization also appear, the flagship on the World Wide Web is still the official website of the company.

Since the first sites began to perform in this role, enough time has passed. Since then, web development has become a separate industry with its established rules, standards and technologies.

About the technology of development of sites, used today, we now will tell.

Technology of website creation and development – what’s the difference?

It would seem that the creation and development of websites is, in fact, the same process. In fact, there is a slight difference.

The creation of the site implies that the customer already knows which site he needs. Let’s say a customer is a director of a large company who wants to show his professionalism and experience working with eminent partners through a corporate website. This move will help him increase the number of clients.

Website development is a more complicated process. Here the customer understands that without a site now no serious organization can not do, but what site he needs, and how to benefit from his existence, does not know. In this case, the contractor company conducts a thorough analysis of the organization, its competitors and other aspects of the work. The result of this analysis will be the development of the structure of the future site and its implementation.

Technology of website creation in a nutshell

In general, the technology of creating a website always has a similar structure. It consists of the following steps:

Communication with the client. The representative of the contractor company needs to get as much information as possible about what functionality the customer needs, how the site is planned to be used, and how it will look. A clear technical task is made, followed by the developer company.

TK plays into the hands of both sides. The client receives an accurate work plan, which the contractor does not have the right to depart from, and the developer is confident that at one of the final stages, everything will not have to start again because of the suddenly changed requirements.

Development of structure and design. Based on the developed TOR, the developer considers the structure of the future site: from the number and names of sections to the location of the menu and additional elements.

After this,

The design is planned and developed. It can be implemented on the basis of standard layouts with the introduction of changes or be developed completely from scratch. Design plays a huge role in the work of the site, so it is given special attention.

Programming. Modern sites have many interactive elements: from drop-down menus and sliders to dynamic design, buttons and shapes. In addition, solutions may be required to work with data import and export. All this is realized by software.

Layout. When the layout, structure, design, program modules and scripts are ready, it’s time to assemble all components into a single working site. It depends on how experienced the developer, it depends on how quickly the site will work, and whether it will be convenient for them to use.

The technology of creating a site, described above, is a fairly simplified example. In fact, the work to implement the requirements of the customer is much greater and they can be executed in a different sequence.

Many experienced companies develop their own site development methodologies over the years . One such company is Cetera.

Technology of website creation for development of Hosted sites

The company has a whole series of methodologies. For what site will be developed – the customer chooses. The following advantages are available to him:

  • Work with an experienced contractor. House De Tech services were used by Trendy, Aliexpress-BD, Marsons, Coxbazarshop,House De Arech and other large companies.
  • Fast start. The first working version of the site will be open in just 3 days.
  • Design and design immediately in layout. This reduces development for a month.
  • Development, content, promotion, support – all services are provided by one contractor.
  • Full unlimited service by dozens of professionals for a fixed monthly fee.
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