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Open Sat- Fri 10:00-22:00
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No matter what quality website you have ordered, no matter how colorful the site design is, it’s of little use if your site is not updated, does not fill with useful and interesting information for the user. Not to mention that usually from the moment of occurrence of a technical error and to its correction, the company without the employee, engaged exclusively in the site, takes more than a week! How many potential customers do you lose during this time?

In order to ensure that your site is always correctly displayed on the network, it worked smoothly, and in case of a technical error, it was “treated” for several hours, and there is a service to maintain the site.

Our main task here is to monitor the site’s efficiency so that the site is displayed correctly under your domain name, hosting was paid on time, and if technical problems arise, eliminate them in the shortest possible time. And of course, updating the site content.

For those who still did not understand much, we will explain in very simple language ☺

Domain, or domain name – the address of your site on the network. It is his users who enter in the search bar or see after they open the site. The domain name should be simple (the shorter, the better), memorable, correlated with the name of your company. Unfortunately, now it is rather difficult to choose the short domain name (two or three basic letters of the name) from the first time, but “who searches, he always finds”! We always help our clients to find and register a domain name.

Hosting is the physical location of the site. Usually hosting is bought from a specialized company – a hosting provider. And then your site is hosted on a certain server. Again, we will tell, we will help, we will do it.

Content – this is all text and graphic information posted on the site. Why update it? Everything is very simple. Let’s start with your existing clients. Today, a person will rather go to the company’s website and study the shares, seasonal offers, read news about the company, rather than call and ask: “Do you have any shares now does not pass?” And if the information on the site is not updated, then most likely seasonal offers on the competitor’s website, he will be lured to the other side. If we talk about new customers, then everything is obvious. A person always chooses a more “open” company. By “openness” here we mean the reliability of the information presented on the site, the amount of this information and, of course, its relevance.

Let’s not repeat how important timely elimination of technical errors. After all, even the most insignificant of them – when the “Order” button suddenly ceased to work, can deprive you of several potential customers in one day. Not to mention how much noise can do the irrelevant price of the goods.



For Startups and Individuals
Tk6000/ MO
  • Response time on request
  • General monitoring of site performance
  • Information update (graphic and textual)
  • Completion of information
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For Smaller Company
Tk12000/ MO
  • Response time on request
  • General monitoring of site performance
  • Information update (graphic and textual)
  • Completion of information
  • Technical works on the site
  • Advising on site improvement
  • Min term of service rendering
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For Business Organizations
Tk10000/ MO
  • Business Automotion
  • Web and others managmet
  • Sales Reporting system
  • Advertising Support
  • Bugs, errors in the code, viruses
  • Work with hosting
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For Enterprise Service
Tk50000/ MO
  • Branding Strategy
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Monitoring of performance
  • Min term of service rendering
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