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We bring the target audience from the search engines at the lowest price, eliminate technical errors on the site, make it more convenient for users and fill with exciting, useful content.

SEO service Bangladesh

Times of successful website promotion only due to the lease of links, text and code optimization have passed. These methods no longer work: they are unstable and do not give the desired effect. We develop the site and the customer’s business with him and bring the project to the leaders of the subject. You may have a free discussion under SEO service Bangladesh project. 




Search Engine Marketing Specialists will conduct a short audit of your site

We use our technologies

“House De tech and partners” are the founders of the Free SEO service Bangladesh. We use our own unique technologies: the Search Analytics Laboratory, the SeoHDT search engine for site visibility, the social media monitoring system “HMMS”.

Complexly develop the site

We bring the target audience out of the search, increase the conversion on the landing pages, analyze the calls to the sales department, study the competitiveness of the assortment and pricing policy, develop the brand loyalty of the brand on the Internet.

Specifics of business

We do not put projects to promote sites on the pipeline. On the contrary, we are immersed in the business of every client. Therefore, the companies have been working with us for many years and become leaders in their subjects.
Transparency of promotion
We coordinate with the client all costs for the promotion of the project and report for them. We develop detailed reports (from 5 to 30 pages per month) with a description of the work done, the results achieved and the strategy for subsequent periods.
Complex solution of problems
We carry out more than 150 types of work under the contract for search marketing. We increase business indicators. We coordinate search promotion with other advertising channels, work with other contractors of the client directly.
Individual approach
We do not have fixed tariff plans. We form the cost depending on the required works. We fix the working group for the project. We coordinate the reporting structure and KPI with the client.
Education for the industry
We hold annual conferences about Internet marketing. We train our clients free of charge at the Academy of Internet Marketing.
Analysis of the market and competitors
Compiling an extended semantic kernel
Meta tag optimization

Before the promotion of the site, first of all, we do a thorough analysis of the sites of competitors.

We compose an expanded list of search queries and distribute them to the target pages.

We make the best meta tags for title and description, taking into account the actual requirements of search engines.

We write quality SEO content for site landing pages, based on the collected key queries.

1. Eliminate duplicate site.
2. Set up robots.txt and .htaccess.
3. Create an actual sitemap.xml.
4. Optimize images and configure gzip compression and caching

Add and configure indexing of the site in Google and Yandex Webmaster Tools.

Increase the trust, reference mass of the site, to improve the site’s link profile.


When Taking SEO service Bangladesh and globally
Our SEO promotion strategy is built in such a way that every customer can feel the results of our work from the first day of cooperation.
Firstly, temporary links have little effect (we can say that they do not work now), secondly, search engines quickly identify sites that use such links and apply sanctions (filters).
Cooperating with us, you will receive answers to all the interesting questions on SEO. And it does not matter at all whether you understand in advance or not. We have answers to all questions, which we provide in an accessible form.
At the beginning of each month, an individual work plan will be drawn up, and at the end - a report on its implementation. Basic reports: 1. The positions cut compared to the previous month 2. Attendance 3. References to posted articles.
We actively study the actual methods of optimization and promotion of sites: in training courses, as well as analyzing the work of search engines in real time. With us you are always one step ahead!
Optimize and promote the site on a wide range of key queries, which allows you to reach a large audience and maximize the attendance of your resource, and thus increase sales.
For the promotion of sites in Google and Yahoo search engines, we use exclusively "white" methods and tools. Due to this we exclude the risks of getting the site under the filter
Our methods of optimization and promotion allow improving the site's position in the organic issuance of the most popular search engines of the CIS - Google simultaneously.


FREE WE WILL TAKE THE SEO AUDIT OF THE SITE. We will point out the errors present, and if necessary, Free SEO service Bangladesh


Do SEO in Bangladesh | Global with House De Tech

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SEO Service Bangladesh |Global

SEO service Bangladesh will bring Bangladesh forward in the era of high technology, it is almost impossible to meet a company that does not have its own virtual representation on the Internet. And this is quite a legitimate explanation. The widest scope of the target audience, affordable price for site support, flexibility and versatility in comparison with traditional advertising media – these are just a few factors that confirm the necessity of having your own online resource.

At first glance, everything seems quite simple, but, like in any other business, it has its own nuances. It’s not enough to create a site with a stylish design and fill it with informative content. Your resource will not become a fully functioning tool for business until the visitors come to it, because it is the traffic that determines the productivity. To do this, you need a service such as website promotion in search engines. Promotion of web resources to date is extremely in demand, as competition among companies, regardless of the scope of activity is extremely high. In order to correctly take the site to the top using SEO optimization, you need to know certain secrets and tricks in addition to standard techniques, since the complex promotion in Google or other search engine has its own technology and rules. We teach you about seo service bangladesh.

As practice shows, it is possible to effectively promote in the search engines an online resource of absolutely any orientation, from an online store to a news portal or a business card site. Success depends, first of all, on the professionalism of the web-master, so you can not entrust such a responsible event to everyone. SEO service Bangladesh is a seo service project to let Bangladeshi people aware about SEO service Bangladesh .

The first question that interests every business person is how much does a qualitative promotion of a resource cost from scratch? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer, since a number of factors influence the speed of the result. The price of this service varies depending on the subject of the resource, the uniqueness of the content, the number of competing sites and many other nuances. In order to determine the cost, a SEO optimizer needs to perform an audit beforehand, therefore such a concept as a clear price list in this area is not available as such. Definitely one can say only one thing: this process is not fast. The creation of a new site takes much less time than its optimization and support, hence such a service by definition can not be cheap. We will let you know about seo service Bangladesh more in future .

Often in an attempt to save the owners of online resources try to independently engage in promotion, although such methods in the end themselves do not justify. Of course, it is quite possible to study certain basics by reading articles and forums. But in order to achieve real results, it takes many years of practice, so in this issue it is better to trust the professional. Seo site optimization , promotion in social networks, contextual advertising , online marketing – all these areas have their own characteristics, which only a specialist can know.

SEO Service Bangladesh and Global : how to choose an artist

So where do we start so as not to make a mistake in choosing an artist? There is an opinion that if you order a promotion from a well-known company, then the result will be brilliant. But it is worth remembering that prices in this case are usually somewhat overstated. Judge for yourself, the owner should put into the cost of services such costs as office rent, payment of utilities, wages to staff and so on. Therefore, over the past few years there has been an increasing demand for independent services that offer an honest price, based solely on the amount of work done and the amount of time spent. Abroad, this practice has long been common, but Bangladesh and Specially Dhaka  just beginning to pick up this trend in the face of the economic crisis.

If you are in search of an optimizer that is inexpensive with a guarantee to promote your site to the top search engines – are ready to offer their services. In this area, we have been working for many years, and during this time, we managed to implement about a hundred successful projects of various orientations. As practice has shown, in fact it is much more convenient for clients to cooperate in a remote mode. That is, it does not matter where you are geographically, whether it be Dhaka, Khulna, Chittagong, Sylhet, Comilla, ​​Barishal, Rajshahi or any other city of  Bangladesh. Even if you are abroad, we can also cooperate fruitfully, because all current issues are effectively addressed through online communication.

For our part, we offer such advantages in SEO service Bangladesh :

  • SEO advice
  • Information support
  • Working methods of promotion
  • Qualitative SEO-content
  • Democratic pricing policy
  • Observance of the agreed terms
  • Guaranteed result

SEO Service Bangladesh 

Interested in developing your business? Then you need to take care of the quality of the Internet resource that you have. To bring it to a new level, it is worth ordering a comprehensive promotion of the site of  internal and external types or doing it yourself. The second option is not very reliable. Try to cope with the promotion of the website on its own, you can, but it is unlikely that it will benefit your business. It is better to immediately order SEO-promotion from specialists. And you should go to a trusted studio or company.

About the service of site promotion: Seo service Bangladesh

Let’s start with where the sites are promoted. True – in the search engines (PS). You can order promotion in Bing or Google. These are the most common substations. There are Bing, Yahoo, ask etc., but they are far from the popularity of the two previously named search engines. Accordingly, the main forces of internal and external SEO professionals are usually directed to the promotion of sites in “Bing” and Google. To work with the data of the PS, one must perfectly know the specifics and “whims” of each.

If your business is focused on CIS countries and Bangla -speaking audience, then, first of all, it is necessary to order seo-promotion of the site in “Google”. But this does not mean that you can neglect the most popular search engine in the world. Promotion of the site in Google you need by default. Especially if you conduct business with countries of Europe, Asia, the USA. There is a little nuance: the promotion in Google takes a lot of time to get visible results.

Purpose of the order

Promotion of the site in search engines is necessary to output the resource in TOP-3. Only then will the collection of so-called free traffic become available. Recall that the first position is contextual advertising , i.e. paid ads, and even after these sites are placed, highly ranked search engines.

The highest positions in extradition are not achieved immediately. If you engage in the promotion of the site in the search engines for the strategy, gradually it will get in the TOP-10, then in the TOP-5, and after – and above. Note: if at least some studio promoting sites, or rather, its employees, assure you that the results of promotion of your Internet resource will be visible for several days or weeks, you know – this is a hoax.

How much time does it really take

For the first noticeable result you need at least a month of active and stable work on the optimization of the site for Google or Bing, and promotion on the Internet as a whole. To get real benefit, it will take from 3 months or more.

SEO-promotion of the site – work aimed at improving the quality of the Internet resource, optimizing the pages and, consequently, improving the ranking in the issuance of search engines. Assumes work on improving the external and internal indicators of the Internet resource.

  • external optimization – increasing the natural reference mass (crowd marketing);
  • internal optimization – collecting semantics, writing texts, technical optimization, working with usability, etc.

What is the utility for the business from the order of promotion when taking seo service Bangladesh

Web site promotion leads:

  • to increase the target audience;
  • to traffic growth;
  • to increase sales;
  • to increase brand awareness.

Ordering services for website promotion is better in web studios or agencies, rather than freelancers, since company employees:

  • have experience;
  • are part of a firm that values ​​its reputation;
  • work in a team;
  • perform clear tasks;
  • adhere to deadlines;
  • will promote your resource immediately on all parameters, i.e., improving all indicators;
  • work on contractual terms (guarantee of financial security).

In addition, contacting the company’s employees to order a seo-promotion service and clarifying details on its implementation is much easier than with a freelancer.

On the formation of prices: Seo service Bangladesh

The cost is affected by several factors:

  • age of the Internet resource. The more he is “younger”, the more time and energy you need to spend on it;
  • region. For example, promotion in Kiev will cost more than in Nikolaev, since the competition is higher;
  • number of pages promoted. The greater the cost of content and crowd marketing, the higher the cost of search engine optimization;
  • the subject of promotion;
  • the state of the Internet resource at the time of the start of promotion. For example, if it is small without goods or on them, the filling and SEO optimization of the sections will entail considerable costs.

The cost of website promotion – from 6 thousand Taka. It is agreed in advance.

Financial advantages of SEO service Bangladesh

Do you think that the cost of promoting the site in a month is too high? Do you think you can do without it? If your business is important to you and its development, you can not do without SEO promotion of the site on the Internet. Yes, and compare prices, for example, with advertising on TV and radio. And about the outside do not forget – the cost of billboards, posters and stuff. Ordering the service of website promotion on a turn-key basis, you attract the target audience to the web resource. Namely – people interested in your product / service, and not pensioners, walking dogs, and hurrying to school classes, as in the case, for example, with outdoor advertising. So in the end more: the cost of advertising your business in different information sources or the price of website promotion? The latter option is clearly financially more profitable, and most importantly – more efficient.

Where to order a site promotion: Seo service  Bangladesh

In the agency of system Internet solutions House De Tech are engaged in SEO-optimization for “Google” and Google sites for 3 years. The service includes:

  1. Analysis of competitors in the TOP of the promoted niche, drawing up a strategy for promotion;
  2. Creation of the maximally expanded structure of a web resource;
  3. Collecting the semantic core from all sources;
  4. Technical audit and preparation of terms of reference (TOR) for programmers and layout designers, if necessary – for designers;
  5. Analysis of content on the resources placed in the TOP positions, determination of user intents and the formation of TK for textual description of the pages;
  6. Technical internal optimization on own developed check-list;
  7. Making a strategy for external promotion – crowd marketing;
  8. Analysis of the usability of the Internet resource and the formation of TK for development of programmers and layout designers;
  9. Compiling a content plan for the information section of the Internet resource (for maximum audience coverage).

What the client receives:

  • increase of positions in the results of search engines;
  • improving conversion;
  • increase in orders;
  • brand recognition.

Advantages of the promotion order in the agency House De Tech

  • The company is on the market for 3 years, and this shows the experience and competitiveness.
  • More than 15 professional staff.
  • More than 13 successful projects (see section “Portfolio”).

If you are on the agency’s House De Tech page, it does not matter at all – on the frequency request “SEO-promotion Bangladesh”, medium-frequency “promotion of the Dhaka site price” or any low-frequency. The main thing is that highly qualified specialists work in this company, ready to immediately take up the promotion of the site.

Details of the order, including the cost of promotion of the site, you can discuss with the managers of the agency by calling the numbers on the resource house de tech .com. Or leave the application and you will be called back.