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Expert Interview: Integration of security systems in office

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service1 Expert Interview: Integration of security systems in office Company news Security System    in BangladeshHouse De Tech has established itself as a reliable installer of security systems. Tell us more as it had appeared and grew your department.

Our team, acting on the market in the name of the supplier and distributor of security systems in Bangladesh, one way or another, faced with customer requests the installation of our products. And if the client asks for help, we have no right to refuse him. So, along with the technical support department, began operations and assembly department for security systems in Bangladesh, so that our company was able to provide a full range of services from a single source. For a long time we have come a long way for the implementation of a wide variety of requests and projects for security systems in Bangladesh, from private houses to industrial and shopping centers. To date, only the state of system integration department has more than 30 employees and monthly updated portfolio is not one dozen of completed projects.

Are there many customers purchase and installation of a service project, or manage on their own?

I would say that it all depends on the complexity of a particular object, size of the system and the availability of time and extracts the customer. Everyone decides for itself whether or not to use the services of professionals when installing security systems or rely on their own skills and experience. But do not forget that the installation of such systems still requires appropriate preparation. I think because we are witnessing a significant growth trend of orders “security systems in Bangladesh“. And in the business sector of self-installation and does is an exception to the rule, about 90% prefer specialized professionals. I think you yourself agree that private security – not a field for experimentation.

What types of projects prevail among customers: for personal use or business?

If we evaluate the quantitative index, the orders for private use, of course, prevail. We understand that today the security system has become not a luxury or superfluity, but a real necessity for each of us. Many, at least in the vast plan to organize your home this Statement impregnable “fortress”. But it is worth considering that, for security business has long been a priority item and an integral part of the activities. On the criterion of the scale and complexity of individual project business sector certainly takes the lead.  Security systems in Bangladesh are in real need on professional security system agents and House De Tech is Doing fantastic here.

What equipment vendors and technologies do you work?

We have never limited to any list of equipment and does not give a specific vendor preferences. We are guided by customer request only. If there is a task – we are looking for a solution. What makes it more complicated, more interesting to us as a system integrator, because it forces us to look for themselves new and unique solutions. And we are providing security systems in Bangladesh with co operation with our clients choice and of course we love our family members.

Tell us about the most ambitious and unique, non-standard projects?

If we talk about large-scale projects, as a rule we are talking about complex problems. For example, our company has built an integrated surveillance system for large agricultural holdings. In addition to the already familiar features Access Control and CCTV Camera events has implemented a hardware and software system for AKS Khan Diagnostic , which included automatic detection of license plates weighed vehicle weight fixation, as well as video verification capacity of the vehicle body. This kind of automation has allowed not only to eliminate the possibility of a variety of fraud and inaccuracies, but also to increase the throughput capacity of the enterprise.

And finally, what were the most advanced engineering solutions that you have to carry out?

I can not remember the project on video surveillance for the organization that conducted the polls. The client’s request is really puzzled by our engineering team, as assembled once all “inconvenient” criteria in a problem: the organization of video on mobile points, the possibility of rapid deployment of the system, the need to broadcast live video on the customer’s site, the lack of power supply 220 and a data channel. Despite all the “but”, the project was successfully implemented.

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