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Online Store/eCommerce Development


Online shopping in online stores every year more and more popular. Therefore, in the modern world, a well thought-out online store can replace a full-fledged trade point or become an additional source of income for your company, because today online sales are fast, efficient and convenient.

The main advantage of the online store: when you relax – the online store continues to work!


Unfortunately, not all online stores bring good profits. But there are several basic factors that will make your online store successful:


When developing an online store, not only the scope of the company’s activities is taken into account, here the main thing is to “feel” the target audience. Such factors as sex, age, geographic attachment, marital status, many social indicators, play a decisive role in the success of the Internet project.

Without a thorough study of the target audience, the chances of success are reduced. A small example: if you touch only one factor – gender? Women – visuals and love eyes (more pictures), men prefer pictures to figures (accuracy and conciseness). And in the majority the Internet shops are calculated on both sexes. Therefore, the question arises, how to deal wisely with the submission of information? And this is just one factor.

Therefore, we create an online store by conducting a thorough pre-project study. This minimizes the risks and makes it possible to make a really high-quality product.


Design – one of the most important components of a successful, profitable online store. When a person first enters the site, at first he pays attention to the design. And if your site does not please him, he will simply close it. Outcome: minus the potential customer. Due to the bright and correct supply of products and it is possible to increase profits. Depending on many factors, this can be achieved using parallax, animation of some elements, drawn elements and a few more interesting things. Thanks to this creative approach, you will interest the visitor. Result: he will spend more time in the store, thus, he will find what he came for, and if not, he will recommend on occasion your store to a friend!

Beautiful supply of goods

Are you too lazy to take pictures of the goods or simply do not want to spend money on it? Then your online store will never become the market leader. Qualitative photos of goods, if possible made from different angles, in the package and without, a clear description of the goods and any additional information useful to the user about the product is one of the most important criteria for a successful online store. Nobody wants to buy a cat in a poke, and lack of a photograph of the product or its description will simply scare off the user and earn a dubious reputation.

Convenient navigation and competent interface

In the modern world, when a person sometimes does not find time to even eat lunch, the resource is always chosen, for which a minimum of time is spent. A minimum of time to search for the very internet store in which you want to make a purchase, minimum time to find the product of interest, minimum time for ordering.

Therefore, in order to make your store more user-friendly, you first develop a site map, place accents (which product or group of products you would like to pay more attention to), what advantages of this particular online store would you like to highlight. In the future, the map turns into a prototype, which is checked against the main criteria of usability of online stores.

A convenient and reliable content management system

For our customers, we offer a 1C-Bitrix control system. This is one of the best platforms for commercial projects. And in comparison with how much you can spend money, effort and time on technical support of the online store, it costs a penny. Verified, the system will safely withstand more than 85 million visitors a day. This is more than enough for a successful online store.

Further work with the online store

One of the most common mistakes is not to engage in further promotion and support of the online store. It is clear that after all the expended efforts (both temporary and monetary), the customer receives an online store in their possession and hopes that he will start earning income tomorrow, and even better today! But in reality, work with the online store should be done daily, and its launch is a very important part of the further success.

We recommend our clients to maintain the site within a few months after the end of the project. This will allow you to more accurately assess the success of the project, finalize the site depending on the reactions of the target audience, and if necessary – introduce missing useful services and “chips” to the user. Do not forget about the promotion of the resource, and the relevance of information on the site!


eCommerce in Bangladesh-Online store in Bangladesh-Shopping bangladesh-web design bangladesh-software firm bangladesh


eCommerce in Bangladesh-Online store in Bangladesh-Shopping bangladesh-web design bangladesh-software firm bangladesh

Market research

eCommerce in Bangladesh-Online store in Bangladesh-Shopping bangladesh-web design bangladesh-software firm bangladesh

Design concept

eCommerce in Bangladesh-Online store in Bangladesh-Shopping bangladesh-web design bangladesh-software firm bangladesh

Delivery of the project