Live video service

Live Video Service in Bangladesh with House De Tech

When conducting online conferences that involve video broadcasting, you need a quality and reliable webcam for webinars. Live video service With its help, you will be able to broadcast the video to all participants of the event, which is important when demonstrating some products and their advantages. That is why, long before the start of the event, it is necessary to take care of creating a reliable technical base that will ensure high quality of sound and video.

Many modern laptops are equipped with built-in web cameras, but the quality of their transfer leaves much to be desired. To ensure that participants in your event do not have a negative from a blurry and fuzzy picture, you need a separate camera for webinars. When choosing the right equipment to ensure the quality of work, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • Resolution of the camera – the higher it is, the clearer and better the picture will be.
  • Frame rate per second.
  • Presence of autofocusing.
  • Presence of a zoom.
  • Presence of such functions as face tracking, face detection and shooting in dark conditions.
  • Features of fastening (desktop camera, clothespin).
  • Interface for connection.
  • System requirements of the PC.
  • The cost.
Live video service

Today, the market can be purchased at different prices and quality webcams for webinars. The consultants of many stores will gladly help you decide on the choice and will consult on all the features and intricacies of using and controlling the camera, so you do not have to deal with the work of the acquired equipment afterwards. Modern cameras for webinars have a set of simple and understandable instructions, which allows you to quickly understand the features of the use of equipment.

If you are planning a video webinar, you need to take care of creating an appropriate image. To avoid unpleasant impressions of your viewers and participants of the event, you should competently approach the choice of clothing and background. In particular, we recommend to abandon the screaming colors and small picture, which in the video will create a ripple effect, as a result of which the eyes of viewers will quickly get tired. It is best to give preference to monochrome clothes, while you should feel comfortable and relaxed in it. As for the background, it is better to choose a similar one-tone version for this, it is allowed to have shelves with books and various attributes that are relevant to the subject of your event.