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Fundamentals website development: HTML, CSS and others

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 HTML, CSS and other fundamentals

Fundamentals website development

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Fundamentals website development: Is it difficult to create your own website? What are the stages of development? What technologies are used in the work of the site? The answers to all these questions you will find further, and also we will suggest one simple and functional alternative.

Fundamentals website development : development stages

The development of any site is always divided into several stages. Some works proceed consistently, others, with the proper number of people working on the site, can go in parallel.

1. Preparation : Get to know about primary (Fundamentals website development)

Preparatory planning is the basis of the future project. Before starting work, it is necessary to determine the purpose and tasks that the site will serve, explore the interests and structure of future visitors (the so-called target audience), and analyze similar solutions of competitors.

After doing the analysis, you can start planning the content of the site. You should determine the number and name of the sections and the type of content that will be contained in them.

2. Domain and hosting : Choose the best option to ensure Best (Fundamentals website development)

After the completion of the preparatory work, you can proceed to the registration of the domain name and the choice of hosting the site.

The domain name usually reflects the essence of the site. You can register it in one of the registrar companies. Most often, hosting, that is, a place and access to the server where the site will be located, can be purchased in the same company.

3. Design : The best part of your (Fundamentals website development)

Based on the data received at the preparation stage, it is necessary to compose a layout of the future site and draw a design. Many professional designers start this work by creating a small sketch on paper, which indicates the structure of the future site and the location of the main design elements.

After that, you can start drawing the future design in Photoshop or any other graphics editor.

4. Programming : Core part of (Fundamentals website development )

The basis of knowledge of the web programmer are such languages ​​as PHP and SQL. The first is necessary to implement the functional and create the basis on which the design will be placed.

In addition to PHP, it is important to be able to work with SQL queries that will be required to generate dynamic pages of the site, automatically formed from data stored in the database and storing other data.

5. Nesting : Get closer to finish (Fundamentals website development)

However, not only knowledge of these languages ​​requires the development of the site: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are an integral part of the layout.

Layout – this is the transfer of design (layout) to the basis of the site. The layout can not be transferred by a single image, so it is “cut” into its component parts. Of these, using the above-mentioned markup languages, a site is created that completely replicates the layout.

After the site is mapped, additional programming of individual functional elements and blocks (for example, order forms) may be required.

The result of all the above stages is a ready-made, working site.

As you can see, to create a site you need to have a solid baggage of knowledge, but, surprisingly, you can create a full-fledged website without them. To do this, you can use one of the site designers.

6.Website builder: 

A site builder is a tool that allows you to create a full-fledged website without knowledge of programming languages. Usually, the designer offers ready-made function blocks. You only need to compose them.

The only of the above steps, which will require such a development site – this is the planning stage, and even knowledge of HTML is not necessary, let alone more complex languages.

If you do not know which constructor to use, try HDSITE . With its help, you can create a site in just 10 minute.

HDSITE  has other advantages:

  • Register a domain in the .com zone right away before creating the site,
  • Hosting is completely free,
  • Basic themes are available for the main types of sites,
  • There is a library of free plug-ins with basic functions,
  • Individual design and specific plug-ins can be ordered.
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