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Facebook Marketing in Bangladesh | Technology for optimizing advertising campaigns from the best agency for facebook Marketing in Bangladesh

Performance-advertising : Facebook Marketing in Bangladesh

Our expertise allows you to consider all the steps in preparing your application, site and video campaign for advertising on Facebook and Instagram to achieve best result for facebook Marketing in Bangladesh 

You can effectively promote your sites, applications and videos thanks to our technologies and expertise and a wide range of users:

  • 600 million users of Instagram and more than 1.7 billion Facebook users around the world
  • And 37 million people of potential advertising coverage of Bangladeshi audiences Instagram, Facebook and partner network (22 million in Instagram, 35 million on Facebook).

Technology for optimizing advertising campaigns from the marketing partner Facebook and Instagram


We create one of the best technologies in the world to automate your campaigns on Facebook and Instagram *

The tool creates mobile and desktop campaigns with any number of audiences and ads, and also optimizes results. Using the integration with the Facebook API, it maximizes conversions (site conversions and events in mobile applications), creates dynamic advertising for a commodity feed, and manages the frequency of advertising campaigns.

Re seller System for Facebook Marketing in Bangladesh

House De Tech- the re seller system creating agency for Facebook Marketing in Bangladesh.

You can buy advertising on Facebook and Instagram by bank transfer: sign a contract with us and provide all the closing documents necessary in Bangladesh, as well as get advice and help with the administration of your Facebook and Instagram accounts after signing the contract. Facebook Marketing in Bangladesh is easy with house de tech. 

Facebook Marketing in Bangladesh

You will love our method. We just bill for brain.

If you are the founder, manager of the company keep thinking

One launch of the campaign is calculated for at least 10 campaign unplanned.

The future is for companies that are developing in the direction

Get 100 sales per 1 USD in Facebook campaign from House De Tech ( It's a joke)

What we do ... and what we refuse

For Facebook Marketing in Bangladesh
  • We conduct audit of advertising campaigns
  • Preparing launches of products from scratch
  • Configure cross-cutting analytics
  • We specialize in large-scale traffic
  • We provide consulting services in SMM
  • We consider the cost of each client
  • Optimizing Communities (SPAMMING)
  • Developing a copy content plan
  • Configure cross-cutting analytics
  • Winding up bots and likes
  • Projects from the spheres: sex, tobacco and alcohol, MLM, Forex, etc.
  • Elimination of negativity

Pay As You Go

For Advertise freak/Tester
Tk6000/ MO
  • Analysis Advertise
  • Optimizing ad content
  • Creating Custom Audience
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For Startups
Tk8000/ MO
  • Dedicated Contact Person
  • Weekly Reporting and Advicing
  • Credits in crisis
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Celebrity Plan

For Personal Celebrity
Tk15000/ MO
  • Your Area Research
  • Building your value
  • Feedback Analysis
  • Content Promotions
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Enterprise Plan

Make reputations more Bright
Tk40000/ MO
  • All of other Packages
  • Competitor Pulse
  • Post Suggetions
  • Feedback Management
  • Review management
  • Event promotions
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Advice on advertise in Facebook in Bangladesh , Instagram included

My name is Juel Rana, I am the Managing Partner of the Internet Sales Agency House De Tech . One of the main services of our agency is advertising on Facebook and Instagram. 

Our clients
 are owners of residential and commercial real estate, financial products, clinics, online stores, food producers, famous people, producers and developers. 

Case on how we approach work (Note: no such agency has any such results in Bangladesh). 

We manage advertising
 based on practical experience, marketing knowledge, behavioral psychology.
If you are setting up advertising yourself and you only need direction and understanding, whether you are doing everything correctly and where to move to achieve the result – order a consultation from me. 

At our discretion, I can additionally give you instructions on how to promote your person in the media, how to set up advertising for leads, plan ideas for additional promotion (ideas that you can apply in practice, not beautiful stories from the life of big business), recommendations for the promotion of Instagram and much more. 
Our Task is to give you the maximum for effective work.

What is included in the consultation?

Parsing a Facebook page

We look at how the product is presented in Facebook, analyze the errors and set the correct feed vector.

See the general presentation of the product

As presented on the site and in the community, whether it is necessary to adjust the filing and if so, in what direction.

We are watching current advertising campaigns

We disassemble targeting and audiences, ad formats and creatives, draw up a scheme for weak spots and campaigns that require further development.

Create a plan for audiences for advertising

Sort out the audience with which you should work – how to break them and target them. I’ll tell you why it’s worth choosing these people, for what interests / age / geography it is worth adjusting. And I’ll tell you how to work with them in the future, in order to reduce the cost of the click and bid.

We discuss the formats of advertising that will suit you

We are telling you which formats of advertising you better use for your product. This can be direct ads, video ads, advertising leads, etc. We will tell you why it’s worth trying these formats and in what way – you’ll get ready-made ideas and solutions for your product.

We make an example of a work plan

On the example of one audience, I give the xcel-table, where I paint – what formats of advertising, in which social network to run. This table will give you an understanding of how to work with each of them, build a media plan and a system in which it is easy to track the results of your campaigns.

We give additional recommendations on the promotion

We do not work within the rules. If I see that other tools and activities are suitable for you, then I will write to you about this. I will also give recommendations on management and set priorities in launching advertising so that you are not afraid of volumes and inconsistencies.

This consultation gives an understanding of the direction and tasks for the coming months. In addition, you do not need a team of advertisers to implement such recommendations. we give all our clients instructions on how to promote promo posts, with a detailed explanation of how to work with the targeting setting, so that even an inexperienced person can customize their first advertisement. 
If desired, you can contact us again and disassemble the current result via Skype. This support costs 1000 Taka per hour.