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General questions and definitions about Domains

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What is a domain name and why is it needed ( Where to go for Domain Registration and Maintenance in Bangladesh) ?

Domain – is the region of space of hierarchical names on the Internet, which is served by domain name servers (DNS) and centrally administered. The domain is identified by a domain name.


By international agreement, each country is allocated a code name 2-3 letters long, which is called the top-level domain or a domain that country. For example, if the website address ends in .ru – it means the site is in Russian domain, .fr – France, .jp – Japan. In addition, there are several top-level domains, not related to geography and with the thrust of the site – for example, .com for commercial, .org for non-commercial, .edu for educational organizations.

Second-level domain owner can create as many domains of the third and forth level. For example, if we domain, then we can create a third-level domains such as – for the forum and – for PR-department.

Domain is required in order to associate a name (for example to the server that hosts your website. After registering your domain, you can configure a domain on any server using the account control panel (section “DNS Management”). If you already have a domain and you want to change the hosting provider you should ask your domain registrar to change DNS.


Can I buy a domain at one and the hosting order from others  ?


Yes. Place domain acquisition does not impose any restrictions on the choice of hosting for the site , Many Bangladeshi company giving this services exonhost is one of them who provide Domain Registration and Maintenance in Bangladesh.


Why are prices so varied domains?

Different prices for domains due to the fact with which cooperates domain registrar seller, unless of course he is not the registrar. Also on prices affect sales turnover since recorders make great discounts to partners with a large circulation. That is why the domains you can buy at very low prices. Many Bangladeshi company giving Offer services on  Domain Registration and Maintenance in Bangladesh.


How do I order a domain you have?

Domain registration we only available to customers of our hosting. Register domain can be from the control panel, see “Domains” .


In the domain status SUSPENDED, what does it mean?

Status SUSPENDED means that the domain was blocked by the registrar for the primary zone is violated the rules are generally spamming, entering the lists, copyright infringement, illegal content, etc.

In this situation, you can either directly contact the registrar to clarify the reasons, or to contact our support team so that we clarify the reasons for the registrar.


How to convert domain .RF in Punycode?

Method one:
use special sites such as:


second way (for UNIX users)

from the command line :

the apt-the get the install idn

more help is available by man idn

example of using:

$ idn –quiet test.rf xn – e1aybc.xn – p1ai

reverse conversion:

$ idn –quiet -u xn – e1aybc.xn-- p1ai test.rf

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