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A Creative agency in Bangladesh

House De Tech the Creative agency in Bangladesh was founded by a cool head and maintained by some of super humans from here in Bangladesh.The Team is leaded by Md Juel Rana. We are a team with Multi Skilled persons who Develop App, Website, Audit your website and software bugs , consult about your project features and gives service to Maintain your virtual desk and Keeps your Administration Active 24 Hours. We will tell more about us in near future.

Digital Media Strategy

How do you develop a digital strategy?

Data Organization

Use your data to work it for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Bring your company to the light of internet

Vision of this Creative agency in Bangladesh

Creating a new service, we value open and honest relations with our customers and employees

In recent years, Bangladeshi Digital works has been growing steadily, and with it the need for a quality service for the companies of entire market of Digital Needs. We are giving our best efforts to make Bangladesh a trusty destination for Digital needs globally.  This Creative agency in Bangladesh is working for make Bangladeshi Digital Services more efficient for not only Bangladeshi But also Global Countries.  



eCommerce in Bangladesh-Online store in Bangladesh-Shopping bangladesh-web design bangladesh-software firm bangladesh
Optimized Websites
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Completely custom development of non-standard solutions. We will do anything, if at all in the power of man rather than any other Creative agency in Bangladesh.



The creation of a corporate web site begins with the compilation of a detailed SEO structure. The next stage creates a detailed interactive prototype of the future site.

Web development is carried out in Dhaka , on modern technical platforms UMI.CMS and RAW CODE.

Using these technical solutions in the creation process allows us to offer:

  • free consulting and warranty service within 1 year after the completion of works on creation;
  • Convenient site management – at the end of all development work, free training is provided for the use of the management system.

We undertake the task of creating a site that is technically ready for promotion in the search engines, with a competent design that will increase the recognition of the company and will attract new customers. Therefore, we consider the development and production of the Internet site as the first stage of its successful promotion. A well thought out design also contributes greatly to the conversion of “visitor-> order”.

Many people can create a website, make an effective tool in the Internet marketing market – a unit. Our portfolio eloquently speaks about our competence and that we really know how to develop the right, effective product.

Thus, the manufacture of Internet sites in our studio involves the entire cycle of work – from registering a domain name to posting on a hosting site at the end of the creation.

We work with companies regardless of their location. Among our clients are companies in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Shylet, Barisal and other cities.


The production of web sites may additionally include the following services:

  • photography (including panoramic) for the preparation of graphic material;
  • conducting interviews and copyright (creating content for the site);
  • installation and fine-tuning of counters analyzing the behavior of each visitor on the site. The system allows you to track all actions: page transitions, clicking hyperlinks, etc., which is necessary to analyze the effectiveness of the site.


If there is no need to develop a website from scratch and there is a task to correct the design of the site, we will be happy to help you with this. Development of the site design is carried out in strict accordance with your wishes. For each project it is possible to make several layouts, that is, the creation of a corporate site design will be maintained until the site satisfies your requirements to the maximum. The cost of developing a website design depends on your wishes and scope of work.


A business card site is what many companies open their representation on the Internet. The business card website can contain basic information about the company, its products or services. The cost of creating a business card site is an order of magnitude lower than the development of web sites with a different focus. But at a fairly low cost, you get an excellent result. Development and production of a business card site takes a little time, and allows you to quickly bring your business online. A competently created website business card can be an effective advertising tool for your company. Moreover, the structure of the business card site, if necessary, can be changed and expanded to an online store and other options.

When designing and manufacturing a business card site, design is very important, which will be able to detain the client’s view and draw his attention. In the process of creating the project, we offer a wide range of solutions for the design of visiting card websites – starting with the production of concise websites with minimal information, finishing with the development of flash sites, with a lot of original solutions.


Studio WebProfy – is the development of Internet sites from simple to the most complex options. During its work, the studio has carried out dozens of projects to create sites for companies in Moscow and other cities of Russia, as evidenced by our portfolio. The main components of its success studio considers a professional approach to the development of web sites and the fulfillment of all conditions of the order and the client contract. The effectiveness of this approach in the creation of projects is appreciated in practice by many companies, which no longer have a question where to order the development and production of the site. Because when they need a result – they just trust to develop a site for us.

Join and together we will create your effective tool for business!

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This Creative agency in Bangladesh provides free seo analysis for your company and suggest you the best solution to make it alone or by  creative Creative agency in Bangladesh

eCommerce in Bangladesh-Online store in Bangladesh-Shopping bangladesh-web design bangladesh-software firm bangladesh

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