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Performance Strategy
Web analytics
Contextual advertising
Targeted advertising
Mobile advertising
Increase site conversion
Audit sites

Achieve efficiency and achieve the goals of an advertising campaign in digital is possible only with a well-designed strategy.It is she who often becomes the foundation of the entire marketing campaign, since the Internet is not just another media channel, but a special environment that lives according to its laws. Only House de tech are giving proper report and suggestion to achieve the goal when giving Advertise service in Bangladesh.

The main task of web analytics is to monitor site traffic, based on which data the audience of a site is determined and the behavior of visitors is studied. Web analytics allows you to work on improving sites, carry out work to optimize the budget for online promotion, is used to make decisions on the development and expansion of the functionality of the web resource. We provide best analytics tools when providing the best Advertise service in Bangladesh

Top places in the search engines can be compared with the prestigious areas of the city: a good location attracts a much larger number of visitors. The sites that are included in the Top 10 search results, pay attention to more than 95% of users. We offer a set of measures to enhance the position of your site in the results of the search engines on pre-selected requests. We use over 12 Paid tools for better seo under our effective Advertise service in Bangladesh

Contextual advertising operates selectively and is displayed to visitors to Internet pages whose sphere of interests potentially coincides / intersects with the subject matter of the advertised product or service, the target audience, which increases the likelihood of their response to advertising. We check the context match user activity in internet and try to give the best contextual Advertise service in Bangladesh

Targeted ads allow you to display text, media or multimedia ads only to those network users who meet a specific set of requirements set by the advertiser. With us, you definitely will not miss!

Are your target audience active users of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices?
Then mobile advertising – this is what you need. Text ads are broadcast to mobile device users, according to the advertiser’s target settings, only transitions are paid. We are one of the few who provides Smartphone Advertise service in Bangladesh

Remarketing is a feature that allows you to show ads to users who have previously visited your site. This can be done when they visit other sites on the Google Display Network or use your keywords in the search engine.We are one of the few who provides Pixel and other re marketing Advertise service in Bangladesh

Conversion is the most important parameter that characterizes the effectiveness of the website promotion process. A successful advertising campaign can be called when the ratio of clicks to sales, that is, conversion, is from 1.5% to 3%. Thanks to a deep analysis, as well as complex solutions for Internet promotion, our projects achieve much higher rates.

The factors of ranking sites in the SERP are very many and often, it is quite difficult to determine why your site does not fall into the Top 10. It is in such cases, we offer audit sites and advertising campaigns, which will help you deal with the problem. We conduct a detailed analysis of the main factors that affect the position of the site in the search engines and the work of the site as a whole. We audit and suggest the best consultation to achieve higher goal when taking Advertise service in Bangladesh.

Advertise service in Bangladesh

HDT  is a team of professionals, 2 years of experience and more than 25 satisfied customers taking Advertise service in Bangladesh.

Our secret lies in understanding the need for an integrated approach to solve any problem. We immerse ourselves in the client’s business and develop a strategy that takes into account all aspects of its promotion in the Internet environment: we select the most effective channels of Internet promotion, define the scope of tasks and find tools for their solution.

Thanks to the integrated management of all performance marketing tools, we are increasing the traffic of the site, expanding the range of potential customers. Our toolkit has a powerful lidogenerating effect and is aimed at attracting real customers and increasing sales. We do not sell reports – we work for results!

Our competencies are confirmed by Yahoo . BING  and Google Adwords certificates.

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We provide a full cycle of works on the implementation of advertising campaigns, in aggregate guaranteeing a clearly measurable result.


Manage the progress of the advertising campaign at each stage of implementation, giving the client the opportunity to monitor its current performance.


We have been providing Internet promotion services for more than 2 years. And  trusted by brands as House De Arch, Toplook, Trendy, Automart.


Lowering the cost of leads, the growth of search traffic, the number of calls and primary buyers from the Internet is the main goal and the best indicator of our work.




Preliminary assessment of the status of your web resource, identifying weaknesses.


Harmonization of the work plan, timing and cost, the development of the semantic core.


Preparation, setting up and running of the campaign, regular tracking of positions.


The control section of the data on the results of each stage of promotion, a full report on the results.
Technology Services in Bangladesh


Tk 10K/ MO
  • Payment for positions in TOP
  • For selected
  • Key requests
  • Limited query pool
  • Commercial Image orientation
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Technology Services in Bangladesh


Tk 15K/ MO
  • Full niche coverage
  • Low cost of attracting customers
  • Payment for referrals from search engines
  • Commercial and image orientation
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Technology Services in Bangladesh


Tk12K/ MO
  • Payment for targeted calls requests from visitors
  • Improving design and usability
  • Full niche coverage
  • Increase brand awareness
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